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PENTAX K-3 II WR (Body Only)

  • Pixel Shift Resolution 
    Advanced resolution technology for capturing still life
    subjects in ultra high definition

    The in-body SR (shake reduction) mechanism is used to move the image sensor unit in minute increments, a single pixel pitch at a time, to capture four shots. Pixel Shift Resolution merges those shots into a single image to generate an ultra high-definition image. This method differs from the traditional Bayer method, which acquires only a single element of color information for single pixel, by acquiring all RGB color information for individual pixel. This difference makes it excellent for detail and color reproduction, creating super high-definition images. This also prevents false colors from occurring theoretically, and also has a high-sensitivity noise reduction effect when compared to normal shooting.
    Photographed RAW images can be processed on the camera and also developed using the included utility software as Pixel Shift Resolution.
    *Be sure to use a tripod for thorough stabilization when shooting.
    *When shooting, use Drive Mode options: Self-timer, Remote Control, or Mirror Lock-up Shooting.
    *Effects may not be gained if the subject moves or the camera shakes.

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